Forever finding representations.

Part of me hates my english teacher in high school, everything in my life now has to have some sort of stupid meaning or relevance behind it. Back in school we were studying shawshank redemption, and for example, a scene in the jail grounds, there was a small amount of grass on the ground, apparently this meant that they were friends and everything was going to be okay. Whatever. Anyway over the last few days i’ve been in Belguim, I didn’t really plan it out that well, just saw my days off for the week and booked a ticket. That’s neither here nor there. I luckily stayed in Bruges, I say lucky because there, it is pretty much impossible to get lost, I managed too though.

After a while I grew used to having no idea what anyone was saying or having any idea of where I actualy was. I walked the streets for hours, just looking at things and stoping by something pretty to have a smoke. It made me think, like a lot of things tend to, well go into one of those daydreamy trance things.

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