My time in Paris,

So to get to Paris I caught a coach down, not the most ideal way but I scored a really awesome deal, only cost me £10 so i can’t really complain. It took a long and boring 7 hours and took me to the out skirts of Paris, a place called Gallieni. I was super worried about catching the metro for the first time alone after dark in a forgen country but I managed just fine, I found my way to Gare du nord, then all I had to do was find my hostel, I walked up and down the same street, one side called rue Dunkerine, which is what i was looking for, but I needed that street, just not the main one, I didn’t even realize there was two. People would come to and talk to me and I just said ‘English?’ In zfench, i cant spell it. Some were being sleazy, I could tell, someone gave me a rose and I was beggining to freak out after a few hours passed. Some tried to help me but with my limmied french it was super hard. One boy yelled out at me and I just walked away, almost fed up and was tempting to spend half my euros on a hotel for the night. He followed me, I was super freaking out now just thinking of the movie ‘taken’. Had a difficult conversation in half french and half english and showed him the address of where I needed to go, he showed his friend and beconded me to follow. I didn’t know what to do but I did very slowly, making sure they stayed ahead of me. They took my address to a million different stores and police to find directions, eventually we found it and I was so greatful, why they helped me i’m not sure why, they were cautious of me crossing the roads and everything. Strange but so sweet. I checked into my hostel and the man behind the desk was one of the fittest boys I have ever layed eyes on. Found my room, dumped my bag and went down to use the wifi.
I went up to sleep around midnight. There was 2 bunkbeds in the room but I had met none of the occupants, I went into a light sleep. At 1am I heard the door open and the light switch on, I just layed there, they didn’t notice me for like 5 minutes and when they did I was just like hi, and they said sorry a million times and I went back to sleep. Next morning I received an urgent text and ran back down to use the wifi with the 3 other guys still sound asleep, except one who gave me sleepy bedroom eyes. After I sorted the days plans and ate breakfast and went up to my room and they were singing shine bright like a diamond by Rhianna (hahahaha it was the cutest) they didn’t speak English too well but they told me they were running a marathon, I said my goodbyes and checkoutee and headed to the eiffel tower. This was the day I realized I hate gypsies. I really wanted to walk up the stairs to the tower but there was not enough time so i had a look and took some selfies and headed off to meet my sister. We checked into the hotel and it felt like I was living in the ghetto. We had dominos and did some other things, I don’t remember to be honest.
Segway tour the next day ruled, the host was sweet and we saw loads of Paris so quickly. Saw some more gypsies and took some photos, we went to find a shopping mall after and failed, instead we found the graffiti wall in pantin which was only a few stops from out hotel, it was beautiful, but Paris is a dodgy city and I felt uneasy, we all did, so we went back to the hotel for a bit, then went out to dinner where I got to eat snails. My sister and her mate said they were gross and I woudnt eat them all, but they were lovely! The thought of eating a snail is not but the taste, so good! Went back and showered and crashed pretty early so we got up the next morning. I don’t know if Paris is as bad as it feels, I enjoyed not staying in the central, the urban feel was scary as hell but wonderful. Id rather be in the outskirts than be surrounded by gypsis anyway, I think I have a genuine fear, weird.
People, looked so angry I tried to do a few things to brighten their days, if they dropped something id get it (as long as they weren’t a gypsie) i’d hold the door for them it made a few people smile so it was alright I guess! There is good and bad everywhere, and whatever you search for you will find. I believe you can find either good or bad, where ever you are if you look hard enough.

I have nothing to live for but life itself.

ImageI’ve spent the vast majority of the day watching memorial videos for youths that have passed on youtube. This triggered because last night I realised that in 12 days it will mark two years of me loosing someone that I was super close to. For hours I watched these photos of these kids, it was mesmerising. Its a weird feeling realising that I haven’t even been alive for 2 decades, yet I outlived so many others already.  Read the rest of this entry »

we’re really all just the same.

A few years ago, back in school I studied ‘legal studies’ and with that came the study of what we call natural law. It’s what same anarchists preach, we don’t need a government with official laws because people are born with a natural moral code which stops them from doing bad.

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