we’re really all just the same.

A few years ago, back in school I studied ‘legal studies’ and with that came the study of what we call natural law. It’s what same anarchists preach, we don’t need a government with official laws because people are born with a natural moral code which stops them from doing bad.

I’m not to sure if i agree with this whole-heartedly but recently, (as you would know if you know me personally) i have moved from Sydney to London, some people think im either crazy or brave to come here by my lonesome but that is neither here nor there. as a natural born observer it is only normal for me to watch people, whether that sounds creepy or not, whatever. my point is ive been in this part of the world for 11 days and a few hours now, and it completely astounds me how much the same it is here. obviously I don’t have my usual support network but to an extent ive always been more or less a lonewolf and rather independent and to proud to ask for help whether it was attainable or not. other than the obvious difference in sound in peoples accents, everything is basically the same. except public transport here is crazy expensive but a lot more reliable. there are people who think they are above society and you can see it in their eyes if they ever give you a second glance, there are people who work, cry, trample others, study, people with passions and aspirations, those with the weird zing in their fashion sense, some people who just smile because they are alive, some people to help you and others who wouldn’t spit on you if you were burning. Obviously I can’t speak for the entire world but I can say there is good and bad in my hometown, and there appears to be, relatively the same good and bad here. are we to thank or blame the internet here? Is the rest of the world going to end up merging and becoming really similar wherever we go?

excuse all spelling errors for the time being, this tablet is new and my literacy is not great, never has been haha

One Comment on “we’re really all just the same.”

  1. Kaye Jones says:

    Your written word always impresses me. I don’t alway agree but I am always impressed. It’s amazing that you have travelled half way around the world to find out that we all the same.
    I hope your journey enriches you beyond belief and I trust that you come home with all the answers that we all crave to all of the unasked questions.

    May you learn things that you never realised that you didn’t know and continue to people watch as it is one of my favourite past-times. You can learn so much just by watching this interesing race that we are a part of, and what you don’t learn you can make up. But you can never really know what make people tick or understand where they are from to make them who they are today.

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