Tattoos are permanent, are the annoying comments permanent as well?

I’ve always seen some heavily tattooed people complain about the stupid comments and questions they get about their art work, I never actually realised how annoying it could be. I am not heavily tattooed myself but I do have a few, so I’m not sure if that makes it less or more annoying.

On the weekend I was in the city and it felt like a million people came up and said “I like your back tattoo.” Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind getting compliments so I’d smile and say “thanks” (just so you know the tattoo says ‘Live for yourself & embrace today.) Some people would give me a hug or hi-5 or be on their way, one guy said it was ‘inspirational’ which was kind of sweet, but it seriously felt like half the million people would compliment it and then ask what it said. It started genuinely pissing me off, how can you like it if you don’t know what it says? It could’ve been anything from, ‘you’re a dick head’ to ‘twilight rules’ yet they still liked it, I don’t get it.

One guy pulled the “I like your tattoo what does it say” line, once I told him he gave me 4 hi-5’s in a row and then told me we should be friends because he had a tattoo on his ribs. If that was the case I should be friends with over half the people in the damn club. I do not mind conversations about tattoos, what people want to get, and so on, I feel the need to point this out as I don’t want to come across as an asshole. I just don’t like people assuming we’re going to click and be BFFLS just because we’ve both been penetrated by a needle and permanently marked our skin. It is a nice feeling knowing people can approach me without being scared though.

I wonder if it ever gets less annoying, like for those people who are legit covered from neck to toe, even with a few on their faces. Ever since my first dumbass comment about my work I told myself I would never comment on someone else’s work again, unless it had significant meaning to my life, although next opportunity I might ask a heavily tattooed person what is the worst thing you could say about their tattoos, and just fall into the looser category of people making comments on their work. Maybe past a certain age people stop commenting on them? Do these people go up to people who are over 30 or 40 and say ‘I like that.’?

Another thing, why do people feel the need to touch tattoos? I think they feel awesome when they’re scabbing up and are raised and whatever, still doesn’t give me the right to touch some random. Once they’re healed they don’t feel like anything, just like, well, skin. More than a couple of people walked past and would just run their hands over my back, I started to get used to it by the end of the night but it was still rather creepy.

Just a tip to all those people who comment on tattoos without knowing what they are, stop it, and the amount of ‘omg are you serious, dickhead’ looks might decrease, at least a little bit.

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