Fire whoever aired ‘The Shire’

Channel ten rally isn’t having much luck with shows as of late, well by that I mean ‘Being Lara Bingle’ and also, ‘The Shire.’

How the hell Lara Bingle has stayed on television is beyond me, and time will only tell if this new piece of shit stays on air. Honestly, I was taken aback by the about of hate mail I saw appear on my own twitter feed before I even went onto the hash tag, on facebook it was impossible to read everything people where writing on The Shires ‘like’ page, as well as channel tens own ‘like’ page. There was easily a comment every 5 seconds, and they are continuing to come even after the show had finished. People hate this show, there is no doubt, before the crap had even concluded there was numerous pages set up the cut it off air with a few hundred likes between them.

But all this hate would sure mean good ratings right? & for networks, any ratings are good ratings! If people are watching the show they are also watching the adverts, the more people who watch those the more companies pay to use that timeslot which means more money for channel ten. So if everyone continues to watch, it will not get axed because who cares about hate mail when you’re raking in the cash right? However, one facebook user did say – “No amount of money could be worth how disgraceful this is to our culture.” (I only wish I could credit that quote!)

One thing is for certain, I am definitely glad I am not the one that handles complaints for channel ten.

These people are not right or if these is all scripted, these writes are sick, that father daughter relationship was rather creepy. Also those fake girls, pathetic excuse for humans honestly, Vernesa and Sophie. Don’t get me wrong, I am usually extremely positive and 100% for people being whoever they want to be, but I’ve never watched to physically harm someone more in my life. “Image is everything.” – “I’d rather have a goodlooking kid than a smart kid.”

“I’d rather have a smart kid so then they can make money and fix themselves up.” – If you ever had a kid and it had half a brain it would shoot you as soon as it knew what a gun was. Within 5 minutes network ten sure made Cronulla look like a dump full of dickheads, and it’s such a beautiful place.

It’s actually offensive to my country, channel ten, pull your head in, please.

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