Feeling blue? Listen to Mat. McHugh.

“If hate shall be your weapon lonely death shall be your toll & if profit is your motive then emptiness your soul.”

Ever had an artist change your life with their lyrics? No? – I found one that can do this for you.

Yes? – Then you’ll understand what I’m going on about.

I’ve been thinking about writing this piece for a while now, couldn’t decide whether it would be better to stick to the professional type of writing, ie, explain who he is, leave my opinion out of it and just do a review, but there is plenty of those out there or to just write my opinion, but that would probably end up with me idolising his every movement. So I thought I’d mix it up, well try to.

Just a quick rundown of who Mat is, and to do this easily, I shall quote Wikipedia, (before launching his solo career Mat was in a band called The Beautiful Girls.) “In 2001 The Beautiful Girls formed in Sydney as a roots music group with Mitch Connelly on drums and percussion; Clay MacDonald on bass guitar, backing vocals, xylophone and recorder; and Mat McHugh on lead vocals and lead guitar. Previously McHugh had travelled to New York to pursue a music career, he returned to Sydney to record some demos where he founded the band. McHugh choose the name to counter the “macho posturing and the associated tough-guy band names. And a beautiful girl was just about the sweetest, most appropriate opposite I could think of”.”

I should probably clarify that The Beautiful Girls have not closed their doors just yet, but they are currently in the process of doing so and Mat is going solo. I would like to direct you here where you can access his new album ‘Love Come Save Me’ – For free! Why? Because Mat says his only goal is to spread love and give something back to the universe. His music is something that is good for your soul, and feel free to take that any way you want to. His voice is so relaxed and chill, so full of love and wisdom, genuinely indescribable. I listened to the album once, and then chucked my iPod back on shuffle, but after 3 songs from different artists I couldn’t help but switch back and listen to it over and over. There are very few artists I can listen to over and over without getting sick of the sound they produce, but it’s addictive, and it left me with a feeling of inner calm, and still does might I add. You might as well give it a listen; you’ve got nothing to lose. His songs are good for any mood, and he has not been corrupted by mainstream media, what else could you possibly want?

I saw Mat perform live and, I’ve never been surrounded by so many chilled out people, it was like, 100% positive vibes, everywhere. I felt like I was on some sort of substance, I kept smiling at nothing in particular, the area was so beautiful. I had spoken to a few people who had met Mat in the past and they all said that he was one of the best people they’ve ever met. After the performance I lined up to meet him, and I don’t even know what happened. People sometimes say to me that I have a good aura around me, and I never really knew what this meant until I was in toughing distance to Mat. I was star struck, I was so happy I could cry, the only thing I managed to mutter was, “can I give you a hug?” Easily one of the best hugs of my life, so full of genuine love even though we’d never met. Intense positivity. This last paragraph has made me sound slightly like a crazy person, but that’s alright, he is as beautiful as his music.

I think we should all stop and have a look at ourselves, maybe take a few pointers from Mat, I’m not saying everyone should imitate his actions completely, maybe just ‘take a chance, and start again.’

This posting turned kind of personal, oh well, I hope it makes you want to listen to him!
Enjoy your week 🙂

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