Wasted life.

What makes someone waste their life? Better yet, how does someone waste their life? I can bet that in the eyes of someone you are wasting yourself. My opinion will vary from the next person, but to have a successful day all I have to do is be happy by the end of it. Does not matter what I accomplish, but if I’m smiling by the time I go to bed, my day has not been a waste. My life has no purpose or direction, and I am fine with that.

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Many people outside Sydney’s western suburbs would have no idea what SWITCH is – with its trendy all-caps stylings, perhaps a café on King Street. In fact, SWITCH is a not-fot-profit community organisation which opened its doors in March 2011. Part of the COM4Unity program, the name is a metaphor for turning on the light in the participants’ lives. COM4Unity stands for ‘connecting out minds for unity’, and is comprised of employees and volunteers from Blacktown Council, local organisations, businesses, youth services, and local police. Providing a range of activities and links to local service providers and support mechanisms, SWITCH involves local youth through its programs of choreographed dance and various musical items. With a motto of BEACON (Be Encourage Achieve Change and Over Come Negativity), it rather sounds like something out of Billy Elliot, doesn’t it?

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Hard-news, koalas. -Proposal.

* what the story is about
* who you’re planning to interview
* what angle you’re planning to take
* what’s the ‘hook’ – that is, why is this story newsworthy?


The point of the story I will be writing about is about koalas, what are the factors that contribute to them becoming endangered (man-made and natural), and why so little seems to be getting done to help improve their numbers.

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Laura Enever.

This photo is of Laura Enever (19) from Narrabeen, in the Sunday telegraph, 29/04/2012. The photographer is Dan Himbrechts, and the photo was taken before July in 2011.

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